Aerial Sightseeing

April 7th, 2005

Google Sightseeing is a weblog with links to lots of interesting places in Google Maps. Some of the more interesting sights to see are Las Vegas, the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center, and Area 51 (I can hear the whistling of the X Files theme as I type this). The best thing on Google Sightseeing, though, is the shot of the field with DAVE inscribed in huge letters. Go check it out.


Of course, KSC was one of the first things I looked for after I discovered that Google Maps had added aerial imagery (I don’t think it’s actually satellite imagery – more about that in a later post). The view above comes from Google, and on Flickr I posted an annotated version showing everything interesting I can identify. At the USGS National Map site, I found a nice topographical map of the KSC launch complex.


One of the other places I went sightseeing was the Alabama Space and Rocket Center. (On this site I discovered that sometimes Google Maps and Microsoft’s Terra Server use the same USGS images. More about that later.) At Flickr is an annotated version of the view above.


While I was looking at rockets, I found the Saturn V rocket at JSC. This old Apollo-era craft is undergoing restoration to repair the damage caused by several decades of exposure to the elements. A new building has been built around the Saturn V; I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been told it’s really ugly.

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