Poem for 26 April 2005: Drones and Chants

April 26th, 2005

Drones and Chants
Norman Finkelstein

In memory of Armand Schwerner

All night long they turned the wheels,
picked up the sound and passed it on

All night long we listened to the music,
all night there was thunder among the hills

All night and day the words were spoken,
each word inscribed and traced to its origin

All night and day the words were sung,
picked up, inscribed, and passed along

So as forever to be forgotten,
rising and breaking against the air

The sound floated above the valley
like mist gathering over deep pools

The mist rose above the trees in the valley,
blooming into emblems of silence

Emblems of mist and emblems of trees,
cast forever into the pools of night

The instruments were gathered up from the pools
and all night long they turned the wheels.

One way to observe National Poetry Month is to add a line of verse to your email signature. Not a bad idea. I used to have a line of verse in my signature: “…flinging magnetic curses…” Just that.

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