Monday Miscellanea

May 9th, 2005

Yesterday’s storm did no damage to the Pine Gulch Data Center, although it did cause some minor damage to the Pine Gulch Outdoor Recreational Facility (it blew two chairs and the hammock off the back deck). We had wind and rain for about three hours. From a computer’s point of view, the first half hour was the most dangerous, because that was when we had most of the lightning. The power went completely out three or four times, although never for longer than thirty seconds, and we had about ten incidents of “brown power” where the lights dimmed, but didn’t go completely out. Brown power is as bad for a computer as a loss of power, but I could hear the UPS click on each time it happened.

Wendy’s new T-shirt.

We had Mother’s Day yesterday, starting just after the dogs finished trashing the family room. Summer gave Wendy a cute little solar-powered toy that moves its little head back and forth very slowly. Bryn gave Wendy a cute Modo-Kun T-shirt. And I gave Wendy a bird bath, or at least I prepared a spot in the back yard where the bird bath will go. Bryn, Summer, and I decided it was better to wait and let Wendy pick out her own bird bath.

The site for Wendy’s bird bath.

We got a taste of summer today. Humidity and temperature are both way up. I actually had to turn on the air conditioning for my drive home from work. I’m hoping that we get a few more days or weeks of cool, dry weather before summer begins in full force.

I got some good news at work today. I will be attending Java One in San Francisco at the end of June. I’ve been doing some Java development, but I have yet to get my teeth into a really meaty application. I haven’t put together a significant project in Java since the days of 1.1. I hope that attending Java One will give me some momentum towards some more significant development.

There is more travel in my future. I’ll be taking day trips to Texas A&M and to Texas Tech. There’s also some chance I’ll be visiting UAB, Sam Houston State, and CMU in Pittsburgh. And in October, I’ll be attending the Huntsville Simulation Conference in Alabama.

Finally, we got news today from the HSS that we might be getting Major as our next foster dog.

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  1. LA Says:

    YEE HAA! 2 trips to Alabama in the near future!