Monday Miscellanea

May 16th, 2005

The second issue of Make Magazine arrived in the mail today. This is just the coolest magazine ever since Playboy; it’s a shame it’s a quarterly and not a monthly. I’ve thumbed through it once already. The best article I’ve seen so far: the one about the guy who built a lightweight, computer-controlled glider, attached it to a weather balloon and launched it from 79,000 feet. The glider could take digital photos, navigate home by GPS, and transmit data and images by packet radio. Very, very cool.

Summer is practicing for her Spring concert with the Pearland Junior High West school band. Concert is tomorrow night at the school. I’ll try to take pictures, but Summer is in that "Federal Agent" stage of life… you know: "Don’t take my picture if you know what’s good for you."

I still can’t figure out why Alabama chose to go for two following their third touchdown in the ‘83 Iron Bowl. Making it wouldn’t have put them more than a touchdown ahead. After we got the touchdown back (on the very next play from scimmage, thank you very much Mr. Jackson) and kicked our PAT, they were three points behind, and needed a touchdown to with the game. If, however, they had kicked their PAT, then after Bo’s touchdown they’d have been able to win with with just a field goal. Remember that there was no overtime in college football in 1983. For what it’s worth, Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles couldn’t figure it out either.

Finally, here’s a pseudo-random image from the archive:


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  1. LA Says:

    Why isn’t there a link for the band on the Pearland Junior High? There appears to be a link for everything else.