Freaks in Pearland

May 22nd, 2005

I am not a political person. To be sure, I have strong political opinions, but I’ve long since passed that time in life when I enjoy engaging in political debate. You’re not about to change my mind, and I’m not about to change your mind, so let’s just talk about the weather instead.

Despite that, I feel the need to make at least a small political statement here, because my adopted hometown has come to be associated with political views that I find repulsive. I won’t go into detail; you can read more in the article “What is it about Pearland and the Radical Right?“.

(Don’t read too much into the web site I refer to there. I’m not a Democrat. I belong to no political party. I don’t like political parties. The more I see them in action – or inaction – the more I believe George Washington was right when he cautioned us against them.)

What distresses me about Pearland is not so much the politics of my neighbors as the fact that it’s only the conservative views – in particular the radical right-wing views – that are identified with our city. To be sure, there are plenty of SUVs running around Pearland bearing W 04 stickers, but not all of us support Bush, DeLay, and their ilk. You’ll never find a Republican sticker on the back of my Mustang, I can promise you that!

What triggered today’s post is this article, in which the author refers to “those freaks in Pearland.” Have a care, PDiddie, because that’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting with!

One last thing. Councilman Kevin Cole, you’re a foul-mouthed dolt, and I can’t wait to vote against you in the next election.

One Response to “Freaks in Pearland”

  1. PDiddie Says:

    Thanks for the linky love, Jim; Blogger is for us beginners and as such doesn’t have that fancy stuff like Trackback. Maybe I’ll move over to WP or MT or Typepad one of these days.

    I went to medium-sized lengths to paint with the small brush in those posts, and judging by your self-description, you’re definitely not in the picture. Obnoxious Republicans are by no means relegated to southern H-Town, of course; Pearland just appears lately to have a collection of high-profile ones.

    I trust you to do your part to usher them into their retirement.

    Nice blog, BTW.