Your Heart Is Full of Unwashed Socks…

May 24th, 2005

Thurl Ravenscroft, most famous as the voice of Tony the Tiger, died Sunday at age 91. I had never heard of the man, although I have been hearing him every Christmas for years. As I learned at Off the Kuff, Ravenscroft sang “You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch” in the 1966 animated cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I had always believed that Boris Karloff sang that song, as he is the only voice listed in the cartoon credits.

Grinch is easily my favorite holiday show, and “You’re a Mean One” my favorite holiday song; I even use it as my cell phone ringtone during December. Grinch is special because it brings together two of my favorite ‘toon talents: the writing of Theodor (Dr.) Seuss Geisel, and the animation/direction skills of Chuck Jones. And who better to narrate a holiday classic than Boris Karloff? Now I’ve learned that there’s a fourth talent to add to those three.

Unfortunately, every new fact I learn pushes two more out of my memory. I wonder if I’ll remember the way to work in the morning?

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