Holiday Weekend: Ruby on Rails

May 27th, 2005

Memorial Day weekend is here, and I’m spending some time with Ruby. Ruby is a programming language that looks a bit like Python, a bit like Smalltalk, a bit like Lisp, and a bit like Perl. It’s a truly object-oriented scripting language with some powerful but elegant features. I first heard about Ruby three or four years ago, and wanted to use it but never found the opportunity. I’ve been reading about Ruby this afternoon and will start writing some programs over the weekend.

Ruby is making news lately because of Rails, an open-source framework for developing web applications. Rails was written by the company 37 Signals, and is the framework upon which their Basecamp project management application was built. I’ve just read through the Rails tutorial and I’m amazed at how little code it took to develop the sample application. Rails looks like fun; now if only I can find a project that needs it…

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