If I Had a Boat

May 28th, 2005

Charles Kuffner, Houston blogger, caught the baton and says he likes Lyle Lovett’s “If I Had a Boat”, and prefers the version by Eddie of Ohio. I’ve never heard their version, but somewhere I’ve got a live Jimmy Buffet cover that I prefer. As for Lyle Lovett, my favorite songs are “Don’t Touch My Hat”, “Nobody Knows Me Like My Baby” (with Randy Newman), and “West Texas Highway”.

Side note: I got Ruby with Rails up and running last night. Cool stuff, but setting up Apache2 with mod_fastcgi was a pain. Details later.

2 Responses to “If I Had a Boat”

  1. Jerry Mahone Says:


    It seems that I randomly run across your name when searching the web for something, and once again, I found your Flikr site that was referenced from Google Sightseeing.

    BTW, the efo version of Lyle’s “If I Had a Boat” is beautiful. If you like quirky, sly modern folk or singer-songwriter music, eddie from ohio is awesome. They are a quartet from the DC/Alexandria, VA area, and though one of them is named Eddie, the other three aren’t and none are from Ohio. Beautiful four-part harmonies, and great songwriting, too.

    Hope all is well with you; I’ll email you with our updated info in a bit.


  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    Keep us posted!