Opie Made This Look So Easy

May 30th, 2005

Two of Summer’s friends came by today carrying a surprised wrapped up in their shirttails: two baby bluejays. They had found the birds on a lawn, probably blown out of their nest by last night’s storm. Wendy told them that the best thing they could do was to go find the nest, and put the birds back in it. Wendy and the girls went to look for the nest, but it was nowhere to be found.

The next best thing for baby birds, aside from Momma Bird, is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I found two phone numbers for Pearland area rehabilitators, but one number had been disconnected, and the other was a wrong number. Wendy got another number, but no one answered the phone. Bad luck to get blown out of your nest on Memorial Day, I guess.

Until we can find someone to care for the birds, we’re doing the best we can. We’ve put them in the warmest and darkest room in the house – the garage – and have them on a heating pad set to its lowest setting. Wendy went out and bought some hand-feeding mix for baby birds and got some advice on how to feed them without choking them. Every thirty minutes we mix a tiny bit of food, load up the syringe, and ring the dinner bell.

The little guys have survived a few hours in our care, which is probably longer than they would have survived on the ground. Tomorrow we’ll try again to find someone to give these guys the proper care they deserve. If we can keep them going that long, I’ll consider it a small victory.


3 Responses to “Opie Made This Look So Easy”

  1. Sue Says:

    Leigh Ann tried last week to rescue a baby bird that she found in her yard, but sadly it didn’t live.

  2. LA Says:

    Yep…. I found a baby bird that I think was a mockingbird based on what I could find online. I called a number I found online for assistance in caring for a nestling, but no one ever called me back. The great state of Alabama at it’s best. I fed and cared for the bird for 3 and a half days before it died. It was getting stronger and doing very well — flappy it’s wings around and squawking. I was feeding it worms with a tweezer (thanks, Barney) and water from a straw. For some stupid reason, I put the worms in the refrigerator and when I fed the bird for the last time, the worms were cold. I think that is what killed it. The bird had eaten one entire container of fishing worms and was working on it’s second container. Sigh. At least I tried.

  3. Autumn Says:

    My 9 yr old brough home a baby bluejay to-day. Found a recipee on another board. It said to put 1 egg 12 worms and some shelled sunflower seeds and water in MY BLENDER ewwww. Then blend till watery consistency. Gonna give it a shot. Never had one survive yet. And pet store didn’t have any of that mix that was suggested here. He just starting to get his colourful feathers so I have no clue how old he is.