Houston BALUG Meeting

June 2nd, 2005

The Houston Bay Area Linux Users Group met tonight at the usual time and place: 6 PM, first Thursday of the month, at the Helen Hall Library in League City. Mark Westerman brought sandwiches and drinks. Mark and Fred gave a talk and demo of their new web-based security tool called Pyzazzy (I’m not sure of the exact Z count in that name).

Pyzazzy is a tool for tracking security scans over time. It can import nmap scans, baseline a network, and compare later scans to the baseline. It also has support for managing NIST-conformant IT security plans. It is built upon Zope and Plone, and uses PostgreSQL to store scan information. Pyzazzy has not been released yet, but will be release soon as an open source project.

We got chased from the meeting early. The board room, where we’re usually allowed to meet, already had a meeting under way, so we set up in the other meeting room. However, it had an event scheduled for 7 PM, and the entertainers arrived at 6:30 needing to set up – right in the middle of Mark’s demo. The librarian promised that she would put our meeting on her calendar so she could avoid problems in the future (although we’ve been meeting there at the same time for over a year).

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