Wow, This is Just Beautiful!

June 10th, 2005

I picked up 2005.06.10-19.42.56/before.jpg

on a post today by Matt Mullenweg, Houston guy and principal author of WordPress, touting a new plugin for theming WordPress’s administrative interface. This has long been a sore point for me: although many beautiful WordPress themes are available, the admin interface is, well… it’s not butt ugly, but let’s just say it’s not exactly Miss America either.


So this guy Steve Smith decided to write a plugin to give the admin pages a facelift. Furthermore, he took it upon himself to style the pages after Tiger, Apple’s new Macintosh OS. I haven’t yet had the chance to see Tiger up close, so I can’t say how faithful the plugin is to Tiger, but I can tell you this much about the plugin: it’s simply beautiful.

The only problem with the theme is that the images extract from the zip file with the wrong permissions. After installing the plugin, you must cd into the ol_admin_images directory and run chmod go+r * to make them readable by the web server.

If any of you whose blogs are hosted at (you know who you are) want the Tiger admin theme, just let me know and I’ll install it for you.

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