TOBD Strikes Again… Early!

July 11th, 2005

One of these days, my daughters will learn: if you take silly photos of yourself – or have a friend take them – delete them from the camera after you’ve had your laughs! If you don’t, Dad will publish the photos on his weblog.


Oh, the humanity!

6 Responses to “TOBD Strikes Again… Early!”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:


  2. brem Says:

    Or it ends up being a huge sensation like this Star Wars kid.

    Of course, it can really mess up the kid…

    But I concurr. A lessons has to be learnt by your daughter heheheh


  3. Dr. Summer Lynn Thonpson , M.D. Says:

    she dont have tobd, she’s just flat out screwed up

  4. Jim Says:

    Now, Summer, be nice!

  5. Dr. Summer Lynn Thonpson , M.D. Says:

    fine ruin my fun, but i WAS telling the truth

  6. Ginger Says: