Houston Hybrid

July 23rd, 2005

The whole Internet seemed to be abuzz today with news of the latest Google Maps innovation: a hybrid map that combines map graphics with satellite photos (the detailed photos of urban areas are not satellite photos, but aerial photos taken from airplanes). I really like the hybrid views, but I think the image generation heuristics need some fine tuning: look at how many times I-610, the "loop", around Houston is labeled in this hybrid map:


If I-610 is over-labeled, then I-45 and I-10 are under-labeled. I-45 is coincident with US Highway 75, but the road is repeatedly labeled 75, and is only once labeled I-45. I-10, the major east-west highway through Houston, is coincident with US 90 and State Highway 53, but it not once labeled I-10. Most maps give precedence to the Interstate designations over the US and state highways designations. Google has apparently decided to do things the other way around.

One Response to “Houston Hybrid”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Hehe, I was playing with Google Earth yesterday, and zooming in to my local area, noticed they’d completely obliterated I-5 in WA state, opting instead to label the more minor highways that ran alongside it or combine with it here and there. Made me snerkle. It takes so little to amuse me, I guess.