Monday Miscellanea

August 8th, 2005

Well, today was back to the grind after our trip to Alabama. I have stories to tell and pictures to post later this week.

Football season is under way… at least the NFL preseason. The Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bears are playing on ABC’s Monday Night Football. The big news at the game is that Ricky William has returned to the Dolphins. I would rather have seen Cedric Benson and Auburn man Ronnie Brown playing, but neither has signed a contract and neither will play tonight. If his agent can negotiate a contract by the beginning of the season, Ronnie will have a chance to make Ricky Williams irrelevant. Because of his positive drug tests, Williams will have to sit out the first four games of the regular season.

Speaking of ABC, I was saddened today to learn that Peter Jennings has passed away. I’ve been watching Jennings for many years. He’s far and away my favorite of his generation of network news anchors. Brokaw at NBC was bland, and Rather at CBS was just plain weird. Jennings, in contrast, always seemed like such a modest and likeable man. I will miss him.

Finally, on the home front, Bryn’s riding lessons are in hiatus. Her riding instructor, who was already being treated for cancer, had a terrible accident last week while on a trail ride with some students. Her horse spooked, bucked, and threw her into a barbed wire fence. She was seriously injured in the fall, and says she was lucky she wasn’t killed. Bryn is hoping for her to make a fast recovery.

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