August 30th, 2005

The reports of the devastation from the Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama gulf coast just boggle the mind. Levees breached. Buildings collapsed. Flooding. Over fifty dead in one Mississippi county alone, and that toll expected to rise. You expect lots of property damage from a class 4 storm, but the death toll is sadly astounding. New Orleans may not have escaped its Waterloo after all. It’s difficult to know for sure what’s really happening there, but there are reports of levees breached and flooding in the French Quarter. Wendy said she’d heard reports that the water was still rising in the city, at the rate of an inch an hour. I hope it’s not as bad for the Crescent City as that implies.


The storm passed over North Alabama last night, probably still at tropical storm strength. Dad wrote from Brindlee Mountain this morning to say that the howling wind kept him up most of the night. Leigh Ann prepared well for the storm, and reports that her big oak tree is still standing. The worst casualties at her house were two very frightened dogs. Dad and Leigh Ann both still have power, although Leigh Ann says many people in their area are without.

I haven’t heard yet from Kay in Huntsville. Kay reports that she lost power around 6 AM, and that a neighbor has a large tree down in her driveway. Everyone at her house is OK.

I also have not heard from Bobby and Marcia on Lake Wilson; I’m sure their report will be interesting as they were closer to the center of the storm.

More than once I’ve wondered how Jack Vaughn is doing and what he’ll have to return to. Jack teaches at Tulane University in New Orleans; presumably, he lives in or near the city.

Update: Here’s two weblog posts from Ernie the Attorney, who rode out the storm in New Orleans in his father’s 10th-story condominum:

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  1. brem Says:

    The angry lady is up north. I’m in Quebec City, Canada, and I can tell you… this one is a nasty one…. It’s windy and rainy as it never has been for the whole summer. I can barely imagin what it was like down south.

    Sending positive waves your ways…