Hurricane Prep

September 21st, 2005

2005.09.02-13.32.21/tornado.jpgLast night we covered the eight windows on the first story front. This morning we got up with the sun and by 7:15 were working again. It took until about 11:30 to finish the front of the house. Doing the front is the bulk of the work; it accounts for 20 of our 37 windows and 12 of the 19 second-story windows. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the second-story windows in the back will be quite difficult.

As expected, mandatory evacuation notices are going out. Our phone rang just now. Caller ID said “Emergency Notice” with an area code I didn’t recognize. I answered the phone and heard a recorded evacuation notice.

Here are some photos from the morning’s work:






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