More Hurricane Prep

September 21st, 2005

2005.09.02-13.32.21/tornado.jpgWe finished with the plywood at about 9:30 PM. We spent another hour putting stuff into the house – stuff like the grill, the outdoor furniture, etc. Then we took a short break for sandwiches. Wendy and I are both exhausted, but we have much still to do. I have to make that home inventory video, and we have to load the van. We probably will not wait for morning to leave, but will leave the second we’re ready to go. My home email will be down for a while. In the interim, you can email me at my secondary address, which I will obfuscate to foil the spammers. You’re all clever, you’ll figure it out: JTofTX hat gmail spot com. Get it?

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