Update: Post-Rita

September 24th, 2005

Csoft.net, the people who host my web page, suffered a hard drive crash the day before yesterday. They have recovered operations, but the weblog databases were recovered only to September 7th. I’ll be searching for a way to recover the lost content, but the prognosis is not good. This will teach me to keep my own backup of all the databases. After I get back home, I’ll try to recover the lost passwords for the other weblogs that I’m hosting within my account.

We had absolutely no effects from Rita here in Temple. Lots of people are leaving the hotel this morning. We’re going to wait at least until tomorrow and see how the situation looks before we decide to head back. We may even wait until Monday or Tuesday to leave for home. The thought of spending another 23 hours in the van makes me want to curl up in a ball on the floor.

I got my morning uptime report from my mail/file server at the house this morning. It showed an uptime of 61 days, so if we lost power at home, it was for less than two hours, which is about the length of time my UPS can keep the server up and running. My guess is that we didn’t lose power at all, although other parts of Brazoria county did.

Our in-room Internet access is not working, but the hotel manager has let me borrow the jack in the Bowie room here at the Temple Travelodge. I will try to post something every day until we decide leave.

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  1. brem Says:

    Keep us updated!

    Take pictures!


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