Web Site Breakage, Web Site Fixage

September 26th, 2005

I used the bloglines cache to recover all the text of the posts that were lost when the web site’s disk drive crashed. I still had the images on my site, and integrating the images into the text took me a couple of hours, but now it’s done. The comments that were attached to all those posts are permanently lost; my apologies to anyone who wrote a comment that is now gone forever.

Sue’s web site completely disappeared. It will take me until this weekend to recreate it and fix its posts. I sent Leigh Ann a copy of the bloglines cache, so she can begin reconstructing her weblog.

I obviously need to institute my own backup system for the web site. I make occasional full backups and download them to my home computer, but I never bothered to make daily backups because I believed the Cubesoft people were making backups. It turns out they do make backups, but they don’t make dailies.

Next task: write up the story of our Rita adventure.

3 Responses to “Web Site Breakage, Web Site Fixage”

  1. brem Says:

    Might I suggest you use the WP-Database-Backup plug-in from Skippy.net? Use it with Wp-Cron. I’ve installed it on my own wordpress instance, and it emails me daily backups of the mysql database, mind you, not the whole website. so at least, the “important” content is not lost.


    It haven’t had to use the backups yet, but I like the fact that they end up in my inbox dayly.

    On a side note, if that makes you feel any better, we got the rests of Rita in Quebec City today, she was even bad enough that she flooded parts of my neighborhood… sheesh… not a good season.


  2. Jim Says:

    That’s a good suggestion, but I upload a lot of photos, and so I need a backup strategy that includes my entire home directory. I also need something that can be scheduled by a cron job, can run without user interaction, and can backup multiple WordPress sites in a single archive. It won’t be too hard for me to write a script to make such backups and download them to my home computer. But thanks for the suggestion.

  3. brem Says:

    my solution is only half the solution. I post a lot of pictures and other media myself… so ultimatly, a good old general backup of the tree branch is probably the only long term solution. Do you have access to the dashboard where your website is hosted? On my host program, I have a place where I can generate a tar.gz of all my public_html files. The only thing I would need to automate is the transfert of this info through email. That’s quite big, so I don’t know how I would do that. and I also don’t know what would be a good frequency.

    Anyway… good luck ;)