Rita Aftermath

October 1st, 2005

(I was thinking about the etymology of the word aftermath today. Is it literally the mathematics of the afterward? As in the adding and subtracting to count up your dead, wounded, and able-bodied after the battle is over?)

Today Summer and I finished taking down the 2nd-story plywood. We started in the front, where taking down the plywood was as easy as teasing loose the plylox and tossing down the wood. Then we had lunch and went to the back yard. It was more difficult back there, where we had to remove eight to twelve deck screws in each sheet, and lower the wood down with a rope.

Our Rita aftermath: 36 sheets of plywood, 3 days in a motel, four days of work missed, three tanks of gas, and the total ruin of one perfectly good weekend.

(Update: no, aftermath is a second crop of grass.)

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