October 7th, 2005

Wendy cleaned out the aquarium last weekend, an all-day job. She took out all the decorations and carefully dipped out the fish. Then she siphoned out the water, scooped out all the gravel, and we carried it out onto the lawn where she scrubbed it clean. Then she put it all back together again.

The water was hazy for a few days, but now it’s clear and beautiful.


Wendy celebrated by buying a new fish, a kind of catfish that swims upside down. I kid you not here, the thing swims around with its dorsal fin pointing at the bottom of the tank and its belly pointing upward.

5 Responses to “Aquarium”

  1. Sue Says:

    How about a close-up of the catfish?

  2. Jim Says:

    I don’t know if my camera is suitable for taking a good, clear photo of the fish. Instead, here’s a link to a page with a good photo:

  3. Ginger Says:

    I often ponder fish. Or Sea Monkeys®. :P

  4. Jerry Mahone Says:

    What a coincidence! We have just acquired our neighbor’s 20 gallon aquarium and started setting it up today. I sure hope your aquarium is a 200 gallon deal, having taken all day to get it back in shape. We are planning to get the fish that don’t die for ours; we don’t want to have to explain the cycle of life to Tyler and Connor yet again (2 dogs and 4 Bettas later in 5 years). “So, kids, it’s like this: the cycle of life is a continuous, natural process, where humans buy fish in stores, place incompatible fish in groups too large for the el cheapo fish tank, and then roughly 90% die, naturally, within a few days. Those that survive the initial shock are eaten by the really agressive one that we just couldn’t resist at Pets-R-Us.”

    Anyway, your aquarium is beautiful. Hope all is well.


  5. Jim Says:

    Wendy’s tank is a 75-gallon monster. More tank than most houses could possibly need, but then again most houses don’t have Wendy living in them. There it is.

    Good luck with your new tank. Gouramis are very hardy fish, good for starting up a new tank, but they are bullies and don’t get along will with other fish unless the other fish a big.