Monday Miscellanea

October 24th, 2005

The weather in the Houston area was magnificent this weekend. Our second cool front came through, and the highs were in the mid 70’s. It was breezy, too, but with a bright sun to keep things warm. Weather like this always reminds me of that weekend in 1994 when Auburn went down to the Swamp and beat number-1 ranked Florida. It was sunny here that day, and I watched the game with my windows open and a gentle breeze blowing my exultant shouts out into the neighborhood. This weekend, I found a few things to do outside.

Last week the Mustang started losing air from its right rear tire. Twice I had to drive by a local gas station to air it up. Sunday I decided it was time to pull the tire off and look for a the cause of the leak. As I was cranking the jack, I happened to look up and see the worn down nail head sticking out of the center of the tread. I pulled it out, plugged the hole, and so far the tire seems airtight. The nail was about a 3-inch framing nail. I have no idea where I picked it up.

I’ve been trying my hand at gardening with flowers and houseplants. I spent most of the summer taking care of the flowers in the back yard: watering them, feeding them, and every now and then pulling off dead blooms and yellow leaves. I’m beginning to discover that gardening is not as mysterious as it has always seemed. Saturday I tried something new: trying to root cuttings. Following the directions I saw on HGTV, I took cuttings from the various flowers in our back yard and stuck them in a mix of peat and pearlite. I’ll know whether I’ve been successful in a few weeks.

I’m building a new computer. It will be a Frankenputer made from the motherboard I took out of my desktop system in the spring, new disk drives, and the case, CD drive, power supply, and other components of the machine that’s my current file server. This machine will replace that server for mail, file archive, and web gateway duties. I’ve already installed linux and configured the mail servers and web gateway. I was hoping to set up the disk drives this weekend, but they didn’t arrive. I’m planning a new disk array big enough to hold all of my digital photos, email, scans, and videos. It will be four 250GB drives configured in a RAID-5 array for a total capacity of 750GB.

On Tuesday I leave for Alabama and the Huntsville Simulation Conference. I’ll spend two days at the conference then spend two and a half days with Dad. I can’t wait to see his new red VW Beetle.

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