Mannah From Heaven

October 25th, 2005

So this is the scene: I’ve checked into the Marriott next to the Space and Rocket Center, I’ve called home to let Wendy know I’ve arrived safely, I’ve unpacked my suitcase, and I’m all set. Except I’m starving.

I decide I’m going to drive around and try to find something, thinking that I’ll head roughly in the direction of the Madison Square mall, which I seem to remember has lots of restaurants around it. I haven’t driven around this part of Huntsville in ages, so I pick a direction and start driving. Before too long, I think I’m headed in the wrong direction, so I take the next right and keep driving. Eventually, I come to US 72, but it looks like I’m way out past the mall, so I turn right and head back toward town.

After a few traffic lights, I see the mall up ahead, but I have no idea what kind of food I want. Then inspiration strikes: I remember that Terry’s Pizza used to have a location out on this end of town. So I drive on a bit, looking off to the side of the road where I think I remember the Terry’s being. I’ve gone up and down the stretch where I think it was, I haven’t found it, I’m having serious window-rattling rumbles in my stomach, and I’m beginning to think that Arby’s doesn’t sound too terribly awful. But then I spot a Hibbett’s sporting goods, and I remember that I wanted to buy some Auburn gear, so I pull in.

I find a couple of nice T shirts, pay too much for them, and as I’m leaving, I ask the clerks if they know where Terry’s is. After some discussion, it turns out they do know – and I’ve been looking on the wrong road. Terry’s is back over on Governor’s Drive, just a mile or so from my hotel. I find it with little trouble, despite the fact that Governor’s is now hidden beneath this monstrosity they call I-565.

Twenty minutes later, I’m enjoying the sumptuous goodness that is a nine-inch Chef’s Special.

It’s every bit as good as I remember it in the old days. At the Terry’s on the sound end of town, the location where we usually go when I’m in town, the taste of the pizzas has changed somewhat over the years. It’s still very good pizza, and a long shot better than any chain, but it’s not like the old Terry’s pizza. At the Governor’s Drive location, though, the pizza seems to be just like I remember a classic Terry’s pizza, right down to the texture of the crust, the quality of the vegetables, and the flavor of the sauce. It was a trip back in time.

Now that I’ve had my Terry’s fix, I probably won’t be interesting in eating at Terry’s south later in the week, right? Right? Don’t bet on it. If the Israelites could subsist on Mannah for forty years, then I can eat Terry’s twice in one week.

3 Responses to “Mannah From Heaven”

  1. Sue Says:

    I’ve very very jealous of your Terry’s experience. I’m so jealous I’m going to go to sleep right now so I can stop thinking about it. I’m also jealous of your shopping-for-Auburn shirts trip, but I’ll get over that one much faster.

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    I’m SURE you can handle Terry’s again. I didn’t realize the Governor’s location (which I avoid out of fear for my life) had a different taste. Guess I’ve slowly adjusted to the South location. Maybe the South location taste changed because they changed locations a few years back (10)??? That’s the only thing I can come up with. All 3 stores are still owned by the same folks…..

  3. Jim Says:

    It’s always possible the difference is just my imagination. After all I was VERY hungry…