Airport, Homeward Bound

October 30th, 2005

I’m at the airport now, waiting for my flight to board after a short but fun visit with Dad, Leigh Ann, and Kay. Thanks to Dad for putting me up for three days. Thanks to Leigh Ann for driving me to and from the airport. Thanks to Kay for stopping by last night. Special thanks to Leigh Ann for bringing by cheese dip last night. It was yummy.

I have over an hour before the flight leaves, and probably half an hour before it even boards. It’s nice flying out of a small airport. There were only two people at the security checkpoint this morning, me and a woman in front of me. When I checked through security at Houston, there were dozens of people in line. The line moved quickly, but I felt hurried trying to gather up my things after the X-ray machine. This morning, on the other hand, I was able to stand there, put my clothes back on, and get my gear together without people backing up behind me.

Huntsville has an enlightened attitude towards municiple wi-fi, at least here at the airport. Whereas most airports these days want to charge you about ten bucks for the privilege of using their network to check your email and browse the net a little bit, Huntsville provides wi-fi for free. I wouldn’t mind paying for access if the fees were reasonable, say, a couple of bucks. Most people consider an hour of Internet at the airport to be a convenience, not something they want to pay ten dollars for. Charge that kind of money, and most people are going to just wait until they get home.

We went out to Terry’s Pizza again Friday night, and this time we went to the South location. There is a difference in the pizza between the South and West locations of Terry’s, but I think it’s more in the selection of ingredients than in their basic quality. For example, at Terry’s South, they put more green peppers on the pizza, and they chop them into larger chunks. They also do not put black olives on the pizza. The sauce and Italian sausage at both locations is excellent. The difference is minor, but on the whole I like the pizza at West better.

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