Google Cornbread

November 16th, 2005

Folks all over the net are reporting that Google Base has finally gone live. Google Base is a service that allows you to publish nearly any kind of content, in a way designed to let the maximum number of people find it.

Just for grins, I published Dad’s Cornbread recipe. I guess it pays to be early because – for now at least – the recipe is the top hit if you search Google Base for “cornbread”. Now I’ve got to publish Granny’s Cornbread Dressing recipe too.

It’s an interesting idea, but frankly the experience is underwhelming. The interface is klunky, and you can’t even enter a little HTML for formatting. I also tried some wiki-like formatting, to no avail.

Is it better to publish this kind of content on your own web site, or on Google Base? I think I’d rather publish on my own web site, and it’s not clear to me whether there are any advantages of publishing, say recipes, on Google Base.

Maybe I need to start a recipes section here on

3 Responses to “Google Cornbread”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    You’re going to give away Granny’s cornbread dressing recipe?!?!?!?!

  2. Jim Says:

    Yeah, because good recipes should be shared.

    Actually, I think I’m going to give away the recipe Dad and I came up with trying to remember what Granny’s recipe was. I made Granny’s recipe this weekend, and it didn’t turn out great.

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    HUH? You made GRANNY’s recipe and it didn’t turn out great? What happened? It’s ALWAYS great!!!