Monday Miscellanea: Iron Bowl 2005

November 21st, 2005

2005.09.01-19.26.59/au-logo.jpgI was thinking about the national polls this weekend, wondering how much Auburn would rise and how far Alabama would fall. It occurred to me that the number three spot in the polls has been a dangerous place. While the top two teams, USC and Texas, have not changed since the preseason, the various teams that have held the third slot have suffered some embarrasing setbacks. Here’s a summary:

  • Tennessee was ranked number 3 in the preseason polls, but dropped several notches after a lackluster showing in a win over UAB. That was a dark omen for the Vols, who went on to lose six games, are not bowl-eligible, and lost to Vandy on Saturday for the first time in 22 years. A win over Kentucky in their final game isn’t even certain.
  • Michigan held the number 3 spot for a week until Notre Dame came to town and beat them.
  • LSU was number three for two weeks, then slipped to number four before losing to Tennessee (yes, that Tennessee – go figure) and dropping down to number 11.
  • Virginia Tech was the next number 3, and held onto the spot for five weeks, the longest of any 3-spot tenure this year, before losing to Miami at home.
  • Alabama had been rising in the top ten, despite the fact that none of its victories were over truly quality opposition, and in the coaches’ poll and BCS became the successor to Miami in the number three slot. The sportswriters in the AP were not quite so badly fooled, and kept Alabama at number 4. Alabama’s lofty rankings were short-lived, though, as LSU beat them in overtime the very next week. (And, as we all know, the week after that, Auburn slobberknocked Alabama clear out of the top ten.)
  • Miami’s turn was next, but for Miami the 3 spot was as perilous as it had been for Alabama. The Hurricanes held onto the spot for only one week, losing last week to Georgia Tech.

And now it’s LSU’s turn again. Can the Bayou Bungles hold onto number three for two more games? It would be great for Auburn if Arkansas could pull off the upset next Saturday night, because that would give us a shot at the SEC championship, but I’m not holding out any hope. If LSU slips up, it will be against Georgia in Atlanta.

Over at the Tigers Free For All forum on, a guy with the handle BigBlueAub has posted a great list of quotes about the Iron Bowl. The list includes not only coaches and players from both sides, but also some dandy lines from sportswriters. If you’ve read the articles at, you’ve probably heard most of them, but there were several I had not heard. My favorites:

  • “The NCAA may have put Alabama on probation three years ago, but it’s Auburn that keeps putting Alabama in its place.” (Kevin Scarbinsky – B’ham News)
  • “It took Alabama two months to take the national spotlight away from Auburn. It took Auburn 15 minutes to take it back.” (Kevin Scarbinsky – B’ham News)
  • “Any time that happens, it shows how far you are behind a program.” Brodie Croyle
  • “The way [Croyle] was dropping and the way he was looking at the linemen, sometimes he wasn’t looking at his receivers. He was just looking for somewhere to run.” Stanley McClover.
  • “We realized from the first play where we stood.” Brodie Croyle.
  • “So now the smoke and mirrors that Alabama was winning with have been cleared away and smashed.” Ray Melick (B’ham News)
  • “Stanley McClover is as good as advertised. We just couldn’t block him.” Brodie Croyle
  • “Desperation time came early.” Steve Kirk (B’ham News)
  • “It feels like an old lady punched you in the stomach, to lose the way we did. It’s embarrassing, and it hurts.” Charlie Peprah.
  • “They had bragged all week that they had the better defense and that they were going to come out here and prove it… We wanted to show them right from the start that this was the better team.” Ben Obamanu
  • “There was no doubt who was going to win this football game after the first five or six minutes,” Tommy Tuberville
  • “Eleven sacks. Jeez.” Tom Ensey (Montgomery Advertiser)
  • “It looked ugly…That’s about as ugly as it’s ever looked for us.” Mike Shula
  • “That’s a heck of a career, 0-4 against Auburn.” Alabama linebacker DeMeco Ryans
  • “It’s extremely frustrating as an offensive lineman. Every time you look back, Brodie’s laying on his back.” Alabama center Taylor Britt
  • “Two weeks ago, we were 9-0 and knocking on the door. Now, I feel like we’re trying to find the right address.” Mike Shula.

The right address? Here’s a clue for you, Mike: on Saturday you weren’t even in the right zip code.

My favorite quote from Saturday didn’t even make BigBlueAub’s list. Auburn noseguard Tommy Jackson: “Not many people can say they never lost to Alabama. I can be an 80-year-old man sitting in my rocking chair, hit my grandson in the head and say, ‘Boy, I didn’t ever lose to Alabama.’ That’s what I like.”

A quote from our house on Saturday: CBS showed Big Al on TV, and Summer said “That elephant should be poached.” That’s my girl!

Finally, Kay sent a couple of fun images:



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  1. Jake Says:

    War Damn Eagle to you, too, and thanks for visiting BaT.

    Ho-ho-ho, four in a row …

  2. jamey Says:

    somebody give that kid a scholarship.

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    Someone sent me that class pic with the caption “What’s wrong with these people”. I replied “They aren’t Auburn fans — that is obviously their problem”.