Holiday Choir Concert

November 30th, 2005

We all went to Bryn’s choir concert last night at the school. Who would ever thought that one of my kids would actually learn to sing? (I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.) Bryn had a short solo part in one song. It was a very good concert. The highlight was “Jingle Bells and Six Variations”. The variations included a gospel style, boogie-woogie style, and cowboy style. Cowboy style was hard-core Texas with the kids bouncing up and down like they were riding horses and singing in an exaggerated twang: “Jaaangle baillls, jaaangle baills, jaaangle awll th’ wie…” It was great fun!

7 Responses to “Holiday Choir Concert”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    I hope you recorded it!

  2. Jim Says:

    No, I didn’t record it. Those things are hard to record, and because the acoustics are so awful, and the audience so noisy, the quality of the recording is just too poor to bother with.

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    In 50 years when you are in a wheelchair drinking your lunch and thinking back and wishing you could see your girls as children, you won’t care about the quality of the recording. Oh, wait — this is you…. you might care!

  4. Jim Says:

    Well, you’ve indirectly hit upon one of my favorite themes, and something I’ve been meaning to write about. One of the reasons I write this weblog is not just for my family now, it’s for me in the future, when I’m eighty or so. I can sit in my recliner, hit my grandson in the head and say “Boy, bring me the printouts from 2005.” And then I can at least read about the choir concert; that’s almost as good as having a good quality tape.

  5. Leigh Ann Says:

    PRINTOUTS??? Don’t you mean CD or pocket computer or something else? In 40 years certainly we will be well beyond printouts.

    But, I like the idea.

  6. Jim Says:

    Yes, I make printouts of my weblogs (and any other readily printable documents) as a form of backup. I’m a little paranoid about backups. I suppose that comes from knowing how many ways computers can fail, and how many ways you can lose data even when the computers don’t fail.

  7. jackie salmons Says:

    She sang beautifully as she always does – I have told Wendy before I thought Bryn had a beautiful voice…. of course as my adopted daughter I am partial and having bragging rights… :)