Hippo Birdies, Bryn!

December 21st, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Brynster. It was an even dozen years ago today that Wendy and I went to the hospital for an induced delivery. That was the time I foolishly asked, during a contraction, "Are you OK?" and got the immortal reply "NO, IT HURTS!"

Bryn got a basketball, a magic kit, some nice clothes, a pair of tennis rackets, and lots of other goodies.

Bryn and Laredo. Bryn is the one with the glasses.

3 Responses to “Hippo Birdies, Bryn!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Happy Birthday Bryn!!!

  2. Gngr Says:

    You’re hilarious. :) Happy birthday, Bryn! And happy holidays to the family!

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    Happy Birthday, BRYN!!!! Too bad you don’t have a good aunt who actually remembers to send you something on your birthday. Well, maybe you do — there’s always Sue, Kay, and DeeDee to depend on. But — Happy Birthday…. I LOVE YOU!