That Lazy, Worthless, No Good Jackie

December 23rd, 2005

Click below to read the story of how Fred, Wendy, and I worked our tails off at the stable today while Jackie was off getting her nails frosted, or having her hair polished or something…

HA! Got you Jackie! Just kidding, of course, mio amico. I know you read these pages and I thought I’d have a little fun with you.

What did we do today? We cleaned out the stall. We built a wall partially enclosing the stall, leaving a doorway. We delivered a load of hay and feed. I’d go into details, but I’m too tired. No, Leigh Ann, there was no photographer present to take a picture of me actually doing manual labor. That phenomenon is like Barney Fife’s quick draw: it’s over so quickly that no camera has ever successfully recorded it on film.

The highlight of the day was when the horses were delivered in the late afternoon. They’re finally at their new home, and much closer to us, maybe a mile or two away. Yes, Leigh Ann, I will post more pictures of the horses as soon as we take some.

One Response to “That Lazy, Worthless, No Good Jackie”

  1. jackie salmons Says:

    OK OK – the one day out of the year I get to shop happens HAPPENS to fall on the day we planned on cleaning the stalls … but after seeing the malls yesterday I’m positive you guys had a much easier day than I :)

    But did you see how well I drove the tractor?? WOW I looked good! It’s alot slower than the horses but it will keep me content until I get the saddle on the horse and take him for a spin!

    You guys/girls did a great job on the stall and I’m positive the horses will be alot happier at their new home!