JVC’s Crappy Camcorders

January 8th, 2006

Those of you who have been reading my weblog for a while know that I have complained and complained about my JVC camcorder. Its false condensation warnings have become more and more frequent, and now it’s become permanent. Earlier this week it went into Condensation mode, and nothing I could try could get out. I even took the camera all the way apart, so I could get to and clean the condensation sensor, but to no avail.

So I’ve given up. Last night I called Crutchfield and ordered myself a new camcorder, a Canon this time. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of our Canon digital camera that it was easy to choose a Canon camcorder. I’ve also had good luck with Sony equipment, but the low-end Sony cameras didn’t have the A/V input capability that I require so I can digitize my old VHS movies and record football games.

I ordered the Canon ZR100 Mini DV camcorder. It’s a basic model, but it has everything I need. It has some features that the old JVC camera didn’t, like a color viewfinder. It lacks the JVC’s digital still capture feature and remote control, but I never used the still capture feature, and only rarely used the remote control. I won’t miss either. These days you can get a very good camcorder for very little money; in fact, it seems that the higher end models add very little over the low end models except stuff that I don’t need and wouldn’t use if I had.

So I spent the tiny year-end bonus that USA gave me on a new camera. I got a decent deal from Crutchfield: $279 for the camera, plus free shipping and a free camera bag. I got an extra $20 off because I referred Leigh Ann to them when she bought Christopher’s camcorder (or was it Jennifer’s?). I probably could have found the camera for less, but I happen to love Crutchfield’s service and their no-questions-asked return policy. For me it’s worth a few dollars to deal with a company I know and trust.

The Canon camera should show up here by Friday. The JVC camera is now a pile of parts on a box on my floor, and I’m wondering what to do with it… Sledgehammer? Blowtorch? Vise? Any suggestions?

3 Responses to “JVC’s Crappy Camcorders”

  1. Nahgiel Says:

    I’ve bought from Crutchfield 3 times and referred others to them. They are definitely worth using.

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    Clamp it in a vice and beat it the sledgehammer, then torch it!

  3. BamaBrew Says:

    sell the parts ebay…