Horses, Children, and Other Critters

January 10th, 2006

We took a bunch of pictures in December and early January; here are some of the best.


For the first few days we (the Salmons and the Thompsons) had the horses they were stabled in temporary quarters. They were… well, I’ll be kind and say it was not the Horsie Hilton. But then again, what is?

Laredo and Nanaimo chow down

Caitlyn’s a cute little imp, isn’t she?

Bryn snuggles with one of the other horses.

In December, we finally sent Bailey to his new home. Wendy and Bailey posed for a few photos.

That’s Wendy on the left.

A few days after we got the horses, we moved them to a stable much closer to Pine Gulch, where they share a pasture with another pair of horses, a couple of goats, and some dogs. It’s not a huge place, about five acres, but it sure is pretty this time of year.

Summer takes Nanaimo for a walk.

Bryn and Wendy walking Laredo.

Laredo goes for a snuggle.

Jim plays cowboy.

Hey, what’s that you got there?

Me and my two new pals. 800-pound pals.

Not a horse.

Also not a horse.

Definitely not horses. I made these saddle stands to store our tack – one for us, one for the Salmons.

During the week after Christmas, Bryn, Shelby, and Cassandra went to a riding day camp at the academy where she takes riding lessons. On Saturday, the girls in camp put on a nice riding show for all the parents and friends.

Bryn rode Aspy in the show.

That’s Jackie and Caitlyn in the foreground. In the background, on the tripod, you see my crappy JVC camcorder doing the last useful work in its short, miserable life.

Aspy in his holiday finery.

After the show, Bryn removes Aspy’s ribbons and bows.

Over the New Year holiday, Dad and Kelly came out to see us for a few days. We took Kelly out to see the horses.

Kelly doesn’t look too sure about this…

…but away she goes!

You like it up there, Kelly?

Bryn’s a pretty good rider, but Laredo isn’t used to his bridle and bit, so for now it’s “pony rides” only.

Cody is one of the other horses at the stable.

Summer holds Laredo’s halter while Wendy adjusts his saddle.

Summer gets a ride; she will start riding lessons next Saturday.

You think these girls like their horse?

Here’s a lesson for you, Kelly… When you do something like this in front of a camera, SOMEONE IS GOING TO PUT THE PICTURE ON THE INTERNET!


6 Responses to “Horses, Children, and Other Critters”

  1. Dr. Summer Says:

    I’ll be kind and say it was not the Horsie Hilton. But then again, what is?

    Lone Star. You should see how those horses are pampered!

  2. brem Says:

    I’m so jealous.

  3. BamaBrew Says:

    Where are the cowboy hats and boots! You can’t ride a horse in Texas without them.

  4. jackie salmons Says:

    LOVED our saddle stand – You did a FABULOUS job and Caitlyn was sooooo excited to see her picture on your blog and she asked does it say “The IMP” by my picture? The pictures were great!

  5. Jim Says:

    When I find a cowboy hat that has the AU logo on it, I’ll wear it. And how do you know I wasn’t wearing boots?

  6. Dr. Summer Says: