iPod Video Trouble

January 12th, 2006

2005.10.12-14.52.24/ipod.jpgDigg reports that lots of people are having trouble with the new firmware on their video iPods. Guess I won’t be upgrading my firmware anytime soon.

Oh, and why hasn’t last night’s episode of Lost shown up at the iTunes Music Store yet? We missed it last night, and are dying to know what happened. (Anybody who spills the beans is banned from this web site for all eternity!)

3 Responses to “iPod Video Trouble”

  1. brem Says:

    They all die.

  2. ChrisL Says:

    They do all die… eventually. Anyway – Jim – this is ChrisL from the Chronicle’s TechBlog comments. My wife got me a new black Video iPod just over a week ago. I haven’t downloaded the new firmware and I won’t until they get it straight. Anyway, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the Video iPod. I have found an easy, free way to rip my extensive DVD collection into MP4 files that easily transfer to the iPod. I’m having a blast with that, and I’ve ordered some TV shows off of iTunes as well. I am about to buy the $30 A/C-to-USB adapter at the Apple store to plug my iPod in and be able to watch/listen while it’s charging. That way I won’t have to put wear and tear on the battery every time I use it. Write me back or post a comment up here and I’ll try to check this site more often.

  3. ChrisL Says:

    I just got back from Fry’s Electronics… I bought a Digicom iPod Charger for $19.99. This item was $10 cheaper than the Apple USB Charger and provides another consumer advantage – the charger I bought is made by Digicom, NOT by Apple. The advantage is that Apple doesn’t get any profit from me buying an external charger… and they shouldn’t: the $300 Video iPod I got should have come with one. I tested this charger and it works fine, so now on to ripping the three DVD movies I also bought from Fry’s (After the Sunset, The Italian Job, and 007: Die Another Day) into MP4’s so I can put them on the Video iPod.