New Camera

January 16th, 2006

The new video camera, the nice Canon ZR100 that will replace my crappy JVC camcorder, was delivered about an hour ago by UPS. I’ve played around with it and shot a few minutes of video. I have yet to test the A/V input and output, but that’s next. Here’s a very short clip, less than a megabyte and rendered for iPod. You can play it with QuickTime:


12 Responses to “New Camera”

  1. Sue Says:

    Almost looks like you caught a hummingbird in flight.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hey! My video camera is now saying that is has condensation!!! Any ideas on how to fix it?!?!?!

  3. Jim Says:

    Open the cassette door, and put the camera in a warm, dry place. Give it a couple of hours and it should dry out.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks Very Much!!

  5. Jim Says:

    Condensation happens when you take the camera from a cold place to a warm place. It can happen in the summer when you take the camera from an air-conditioned room out into the heat. It can happen in the winter when you take it from the cold into a warm house. So you shouldn’t keep your camcorder in the car when it’s cold outside. Let me know if your camera starts to work again.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Well it has lines all down the screen… I got it out Christmas day to use it and it had them so I couldnt… last night I got it out to see if it still had them and it told me that condensation had been detected.

  7. Jim Says:

    It’s possible the lines are only on the screen, and not on the tape. Tape a few seconds of video, then put the tape into Chris’s camera and see if the lines show up. If not, then they’re just on your display, and you can still use the camera. If the lines do show up in Chris’s camera, then the problem is on the tape. It may be you can fix the problem by running a cleaning tape through the camera.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    It does it even if there is not tape in it… maybe I need to run a cleaning tape thought it.

  9. Jim Says:

    If the lines show up when there’s no tape loaded, then cleaning it probably won’t fix the lines. It’s not a bad idea to clean the camcorder anyway.

    What you need to figure out is whether the lines are recorded on the tape. If not, you can just ignore them.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I took a picture with it and it put the lines on the picture.

  11. Jim Says:

    Oh, that doesn’t sound very good. It’s probably time to take the camera in for repair.

  12. Jennifer Says:

    LoL… Yea I think so..