Strange Story

January 25th, 2006

One of Summer’s friends had this tale to tell at school yesterday: one of her mother’s friends came over to their house and asked if he could borrow their truck so he could go to Sonic for some food. Turns out he wasn’t actually hungry. The woman he shot at the restaurant was his former girlfriend; she is recovering in a local hospital.

Update: Oops. I heard this third-hand and got it wrong. See the comments for the right story.

2 Responses to “Strange Story”

  1. ashlay Says:

    NOO thats wrong!lol ok here is the story:
    my mom was at work and the office manijor asked to borrow her truck to go move/pick up something but instead he went to sonic and shot his ex once in the head but it grazed it and once in the leg then he got in a short chase with the police and then he shot himself in the head….

  2. Dr. Summer Says:

    I was about to correct him…