Monday Miscellanea

January 30th, 2006

Jury selection begins today in the trial of Enron masterminds Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. From what I hear, the blocks around the courthouse have become a sea of reporters and a forest of antenna masts. The New York Times, the Washington Post, even the BBC – they’re all in town to take in the spectacle. It will be interesting to see whether the prosecuters can make their case. For a lot of people in town the entire Enron affair rests on this trial, and despite the numerous jail terms already handed out, the justice system will have utterly failed if these two walk away with anything less than long prison sentences.

Check out these photos of custom modified laptops. For my money, customization is all about what you run inside the laptop, not what you paint on its surface. Nevertheless, I like these designs – all except the last one, that is. Hook what?

We have a professional trainer coming out on Wednesday tomorrow to ride the horses and evaluate what they need to learn for English riding. We’ve learned that our horses, at about two and a half years, are a bit young to be learning English riding. Horses aren’t usually trained for that style of riding until about the age of three.

Finally, now that the cold front has pushed through Alabama, we have thirty two degrees on them:


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