Bad Mojo at the Chronicle

February 23rd, 2006

This morning I checked my email. All comments and trackback links to my Chronicle blog get emailed to me for approval before they appear on the site. This morning I noticed that the spammers have discovered my blog. Actually, the spammers probably discovered my blog as soon as it started, but the Chronicle’s anti-spam software kept me from seeing any of it until this morning, when spammers managed to slip three past the goalie.

When I went to this morning to get the spam out of the net, and to publish the post I wrote last night, I got the dreaded 404 Not Found error. I checked some other Chronicle blogs, but they’re down too. The entire site is, even the static pages. Baaaaaad mojo… I’ve mailed Dwight, but he probably knows about the problem already. Many more earlybirds in town than me.

So, two strange happenings in one morning. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Update: I mailed Dwight and he’s already got the site fixed. Darn. There goes another good conspiracy theory.

One Response to “Bad Mojo at the Chronicle”

  1. Dwight Silverman Says:

    As you know, what appears to be conspiracy to paranoid minds often turns out to be merely stupidity — or a software glitch.