Homeward Bound

April 15th, 2006

I’m sitting in the Birmingham airport waiting for my flight home to board. This morning Dad and I met Jennifer and Leigh Ann for a breakfast buffet at B&J’s restauraunt (where Catfish Haven used to be), then Leigh Ann, Jennifer and I went to Hartselle to do some antique/junk shopping. After lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Leigh Ann drove me to Birmingham and got me here plenty early to do some blogging on Birmingham’s free wireless Inetrnet. I bought some really cool stuff in Hartselle, but I won’t say any more about it until I have some nice photos to post.

My visit was a blast. I spent most of my time at Dad’s, but of course we got out a bunch to baseball games, Terry’s Pizza, and for some shopping. I think my visit wore on Dad a little more than he wanted to let on, but he managed to put up with me OK. Although I had a good time, I’ll be glad to get home and sleep in my own bed for a change.

Speaking of sleeping, some people can sleep anywhere. Here’s Jennifer taking a nap in the back seat of her Momma’s car:


I don’t think my flight is going to be crowded. It’s about fifty minutes to takeoff, and there’s only a handful of people waiting here at the gate. That would be a Good Thing. I hate crowded Southwest flights.

Just a moment ago I was glancing around, and I happened to lookup at the ceiling. I saw something small and unexpected:


What do you think it is? Do you suppose it’s a bomb? Here, take a closer look:


Recognize him now? It’s Patrick! Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants fame! I wonder how he got up there, because he’s at least fifteen feet up off the ground. I suppose he could be one of those throw-and-stick kid’s toys, but they don’t usually stick very long. Patrick looks like he’s been up there a long time. Maybe he’s a terrorist.

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