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Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Today Dad and I mowed his lawn. Dad mowed the back outside the fence, and I mowed the front. We didn’t mow inside the fence (I think he was afraid I’d mow his garden.) We’re going to clean up and go shopping, and then dinner at Terry’s Pizza!
Mmm… I ate a bunch of slices of [...]

Great Meals

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

This morning Dad and I drove out to spend a few hours with Bobby and Marcia. We visited over beer and a great meal. Marcia grilled us a flank steak with cole slaw, yummy potato salad, and fresh strawberries for dessert. Leigh Ann made us dinner at her house tonight, as she does for Dad [...]

A Farming I Will Go

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Dad put me to work in the garden today. First he had me till the entire garden. He and Leigh Ann laid had out the rows far enough apart that the tractor and tiller can fit comfortably between them, so all I had to do was follow the rows. I only ran over one bunch [...]

Patriot Baseball

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Last night was Polar Bear Night at the Brewer High School ballpark: the first ten thousand through the gate got free winter weather to go with their baseball. They didn’t hand out the winter weather until after the sun went down, and because there was only a hundred or so people at the game, there [...]

New Painting

Monday, April 10th, 2006

On our Saturday outing, Leigh Ann and I wandered into a junk shop in a tiny old house on Pratt Avenue in Huntsville’s historic district. The woman there had a bunch of oil paintings; they were all hand-painted, although I don’t think any were originals, but copies of classic paintings from the eighteenth or nineteenth [...]

Huntsville in the Spring

Monday, April 10th, 2006

I came to North Alabama hoping the dogwoods would be in bloom, and I have not been disappointed. I’ve also discovered that Japanese red maples are popular around Huntsville, although not so numerous as the dogwoods.
Saturday Leigh Ann and I drove around hunting garage, yard, and estate sales. We didn’t find much, but we did [...]

Ah, I see you have the machine that goes…

Monday, April 10th, 2006


Backyard in Bloom

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Before I left Pearland for Alabama, I took a few photos of the flowers blooming in the back yard.

The Tragedy of Being a Chick Magnet

Sunday, April 9th, 2006


Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Somebody forgot to tell the weatherman that it’s April and springtime has arrived. It’s forty degrees here this morning, and was probably colder last night. And me without my footy pajamas…

Storm Warning!

Friday, April 7th, 2006

The story of today is the weather. It was about all that Leigh Ann could talk about on the drive from the airport to Dad’s house. Many North Alabama schools let their kids out early today, in anticipation that the storms might arrive early. This system has already killed eleven people in Tennessee, and all [...]

More Trip Preparations

Friday, April 7th, 2006

As some of you know, I’m paranoid about my backups. I make local backups daily and weekly. Every couple of months, I bring home my 1TB external disk pack, make a backup of the Linux file server (which now has over 600GB of data on it), and then I take the disk pack to work [...]