Time to Make Something

June 22nd, 2006

It’s such a beautiful day today that i’m going to knock off a few minutes early, go home, open up the garage, and spend some quality time with my workbench. Don’t know what I’ll work on. I’ve been wanting to buy or make a router table for my Porter-Cable router. Maybe I’ll work on that.

4 Responses to “Time to Make Something”

  1. jackie salmons Says:

    How about a barn? A router table is such a small task…. think HUGE! Wendy and I are available to take turns supervising! Thats just the kind of wives we are – always wanting to help out! :)

  2. Jim Says:

    Have you got somewhere to PUT the barn after I finish it?

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    Yes, YOU!

  4. jackie salmons Says:

    Minor little detail…… a finished barn will be a great inspiration to FIND a place to put it :)