Email From Kay

June 27th, 2006

Dear Big Brother….

No offense, but you must really bored to write a blog entry about shoes. I never imagined you’d be writing entries about fashion! Maybe you’ve been living in a house full of women too long!! For heaven’s sake, if you’re going to write about style, you should be discussing the jerseys Auburn is wearing this year, or the type of shoes they are wearing!! Have you lost your mind?


A very concerned sister.

* * *

Dear Kay,

Please tell me Auburn is not going to mess with the uniform. If they change to those awful Miami-style jerseys, I’ll quit the team.


A very concerned Auburn fan

Good Shoe

2 Responses to “Email From Kay”

  1. jackie salmons Says:

    WOW – I didnt realize that “Very Concerned Sister” had the same EXACT thoughts that I was having about the clog blog… :) I am and will be very concerned for you until I see a more proper blog that I can expect from you. If you blog about the latest trends in hair or makeup – I will be calling in some very nice people who wear white and they will put on a very nice jacket and cart you off to a very fun rubber room.

    Signed Ms. Incognito

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    Dear Very Concerned Auburn Fan,

    If you “quit the team” I will know the world is coming to an end.


    ANOTHER Very Concerned Sister