New Jig

June 30th, 2006

Here’s a jig I made for glass cutting. Its purpose is to let me cut multiple pieces of glass so that all the pieces come out exactly the same size.

The jig is made from 1/4-inch MDF; I built it with my table saw, router, and new router table. All the pieces are screwed permanently together except for the darker colored vertical piece, which is a fence that slides along in the long horizontal slots. When positioned where desired, it can be tightened down with screws and wingnuts (not shown). With the fence locked down, a piece of glass can be inserted beneath the fence and brought tight up against the leftmost vertical rail. With the glass so positioned, the fence serves as a guide for the glass cutter.

The narrow horizortal rail on the bottom of the jig is a guide for squaring the fence so that it can be made parallel to the vertical rail on the left. The bottom and left rails are assembled at a 90 angle using a framing square. When I’m positioning the fence to cut a piece of glass, I use the framing square between the fence to ensure I lock it down perpendicular to the bottom rail, and thus parallel to the left rail.


Diagram drawn using Sketchup, a free tool from Google. It has some quirks, but it’s so much easier and more effective to use than other 3-D modeling tools I’ve used.

2 Responses to “New Jig”

  1. brem Says:

    What are you building?

  2. Jim Says:

    I am making – or maybe I should say learning to make – stained glass. I’m starting a project that requires sixteen squares of glass all the same size. This jig will help me cut them identically.