The kiss of mediocrity?

August 14th, 2006

2005.09.01-19.26.59/au-logo.jpgI don’t think much of ESPN’s Beano Cook. Some people seem to think he knows college football, but ignore the fact that he’s wrong more than he’s right. He’s especially wrong when it comes to Auburn football; he loves to trash the tigers, but strangely enough he never goes back to rehash how often he is wrong. My favorite epithet for Beano can’t be repeated in polite company, but it ends with the words “from a hole in the ground” if that tells you anything.

And now look what Beano is saying about this year’s Auburn football team:

Beano Cook, the ESPN old-timer who loves college football above all other amusements foreign or domestic, predicted in a Sunday radio interview that Notre Dame and Auburn would play for the national championship this season.

Yes, ol’ Beano is also the same guy who once said Ron Powlus would win the Heisman Trophy several times. But he’s also the same guy this time a year ago who picked Texas to beat Southern California in the BCS national championship game.

Maybe this time he’s right. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

2 Responses to “The kiss of mediocrity?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Yes we will win it alllllllllll!!!

  2. Tom Says:

    How much more accurate can Cook get after correctly predicting the Texas vs. USC matchup and outcome of last year? Sounds like this squirrel has found quite a few big nuts.