Shouldn’t a professional know better?

August 26th, 2006

I was just reading an Associated Press article at the Houston Chronicle about the one-day postponement of the launch of STS-115 due to a lightning strike at the launch pad. In the article, I saw this line:

Engineers wanted time to pour over data on ground and flight systems.

They want to “pour over” the data? What are they going to pour, I wonder. Maybe whatever that reporter was drinking. Instead of pour, the word the reporter wanted was pore, which means to “to read or study attentively”. Shouldn’t a professional know better than that? And where was his editor?

I see this kind of thing every now and then, but today for some reason it really irritated me.

One Response to “Shouldn’t a professional know better?”

  1. MRB Says:

    Perhaps the substance being poured is time. But usually that’s data over time, so the Comical still got it wrong.