Sheridan on Auburn, Alabama

August 29th, 2006

2005.09.01-19.26.59/au-logo.jpgPaul Finebaum’s Tuesday column is an interview with Danny Sheridan, USA Today’s college football oddsmaker and Finebaum’s favorite prognosticator. Sheridan picks Auburn as his favorite to win the SEC West, but says the tigers will pick up two losses somewhere along the way. He’s highly complimentary of Auburn’s coaching staff and recruiting, and predicts Auburn will win the “thumb” game over Alabama this fall. The interview includes this absolute gem about last year’s victory over Alabama:

Finebaum: A lot of Alabama, and most notably former Tide quarterback Brodie Croyle, said the Tide won the last three quarters of that game? Do you agree?

Sheridan: You gotta be kidding. The only time Alabama was in that game was at the coin toss. Alabama scored a meaningless touchdown and a two-point conversation with 23 seconds left to make the final score (Auburn 28-18) seem respectable. Those who saw the carnage know that Tuberville clearly called off the dogs. He used the same clever tactic that Pat Dye did with Bill Curry. In fact, if Curry were still at Alabama, Dye would still be coaching at Auburn. Auburn clearly is getting their money’s worth with their football coach. He is a veteran and is not getting on-the-job training — and at this point in Tub’s career, he’s light years ahead of Shula.

3 Responses to “Sheridan on Auburn, Alabama”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    Gotta love it!

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    I’m listening to Finebaum on the radio right now — he predicts AU will be 11-1 and play in the Sugar Bowl. He also says that Shula is “good looking”. HA!

  3. Jim Says:

    PF *has* to say things like that. He has to pander to Alabama because most of his listeners are Bammers. Most Auburn people are too smart to listen to PF on a regular basis. Interesting that he predicts 11-1, because he predicted 10-2 back in the spring.