Time for our annual meltdown :-(

August 31st, 2006

Here’s why this site has been down the past couple of days, in the words of Cubesoft tech support:

There was a total network meltdown, which began on or about 5 AM Aug 29th. A new router, not the main router on the external interface, was misconfigured very badly. It was passing both incoming and outgoing packets for the entire network. The result of this was a severe disruption in all services on all servers. Some services on some servers were partly functional. Whatever issues you’d experienced should have been resolved earlier this morning.

The problem with Leary was that the slow PHP sessions were eating up all of the allotted resources for Apache, thus child processes refused to spawn.

I’ll say this for Cubesoft: they always respond to my email queries. A lot of organizations, when they have a major problem that affects many, many customers, and they’re getting inundated with email from all of them, will just fix the problem and never reply to any email. Cubesoft, on the other hand, always sends me some kind of reply. Good for them.

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