She almost stuck the landing

September 22nd, 2006

Tonight was Bryn’s riding lesson, which she has in a group with three other girls, including Shelby and Cassandra Salmons. The girls were taking turns jumping over an 18-inch jump when one of them did something amazing. Cassandra had just taken her horse over the jump, when she lost her balance and was on her way out of the saddle. Rather than just falling off, however, Cassandra had the presence of mind to jump free of the horse. She landed on her feet and almost kept her balance before toppling over.

As unplanned dismounts go, this one was a beauty. I’m not sure Jackie saw it, though; I think as soon as she saw Cassandra wobbling, she covered her eyes. The rest of us loved it, though, and were hooting, hollering, and calling for Cassandra to do it again. After a short break, Cassandra got right back up on her horse and rode beautifully the rest of the lesson. Bryn and Shelby rode well too, but without the need for gymnastics.

One Response to “She almost stuck the landing”

  1. jackie salmons Says:

    You crack me up – the fine things of beauty in your eyes and mine are definetely a little different…. a beautiful sunset in Maui or a bride in a wedding dress the day of her wedding – nooooooooooo not you…. my daughters dismount off a horse – crack me up! I did see it – it was the landing on her feet that scared me – all I could think of was a broken leg…. and thats why I flinched…. it was better than the one when she went over the horses head but I dont take the falls very well… my heart drops everytime…. I’m thinking some superglue in the saddle might be worth investing in for my kids :) whatcha think?