Auburn at South Carolina part one . . .

September 28th, 2006

2005.09.01-19.26.59/au-logo.jpgI’m watching the Auburn at South Carolina game from my Phoenix hotel room. I’m trying not to yell too much so the neighbors don’t have to call the front desk about me. I don’t have anybody to discuss the game with, so this looks like a blog opportunity. Here’s my impressions of the first half:

You’ve got to love Matt Clark, Tiger fans. He just put the opening kickoff into the hedges at the back of the SC end zone. What a weapon that kid is. (Ditto Kody Bliss.) On the first kickoff against Buffalo, his kick bounced off the crossbar. That means he was just inches away from being able to make a 75-yard field goal!

Note to the defensive line: when you get your hands on the ball, keep BOTH HANDS on the ball!

What’s happened to our defense tonight? We can’t seem to stop the gamecocks. I know SC is playing an offense we haven’t seen too much of, but this is crazy. When we get the ball back, the offense needs to go on a long drive and give the defense a rest.

What’s happened to our senior offensive line this year? We’ve given up just way too many sacks in passing situations. Is it because our young wide receivers aren’t able to get open on their pass routes? I just know we’ve got to do something about that problem!

Isn’t Kenny Irons a horse? Just gotta love that young man!

I love the handoff to the fullback. When Kenny’s running as well as he is, the defense just isn’t looking for the FB to get the ball. I’m also looking for us to pass the ball to the fullback like we did against LSU.

I love the misdirection pass! We ran it beautifully on about the third play of our first touchdown drive, and now we just ran it for a touchdown. Kenny’s great play also sets up the defense to be suckered on the misdirection.

We’re playing well at times and have a small lead, but I can tell you I don’t feel well at all about this football game. I don’t like giving up the late touchdown one bit. We should be shutting these guys down and instead we seem to be struggling. We’ve got to make some second-half adjustments or it’s going to be a tough second half.

Time for me to go find some supper . . .

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