Auburn at South Carolina, part two

September 28th, 2006


Getting supper took way too long. I wanted to print out my boarding pass in the lobby — they have a little kiosk for that — and I forgot to bring my itinerary, and had to go back to my room to pick it up. I got back, the game was at nine minutes or so in the third quarter, and we had just completed a long pass. What else did I miss?

There’s that misdirection pass to the tight end again.

FG – good job John Vaughn.

ONSIDE KICK! GOTTA LOVE IT! Show no mercy! (But please show better hands, Tristan.)

We’re going for it on fourth and at the SC 30. First down! Tuberville’s got some confidence in his team, doesn’t he?

We just converted third and a quarter mile. Wow . . .

Third quarter break, and we just missed a TD. What do you want to bet Tubervill goes for it?

We have now held the football for the entire third quarter. I have never seen a team control the football for an entire quarter. ESPN’s research staff is probably off trying to figure out the last time that happened in a Division 1-A game.

TOUCHDOWN! And just like Kenny’s first TD, they’re reviewing it, but there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s good. He’s clearly got possession of the ball waaaay across the endzone. The zebra just upheld the call. 24-10 Tigers.

SC is going without a huddle. A two-touchdown lead is great, but if we keep letting them complete passes, we could be in trouble. Where’s our pass rush?

They just converted a fourth-and-two from deep in their own territory, but the wind and rain have started up. Maybe that will work in our favor.

We just gave up a TD pass to their tight end. What is wrong with our defense?

Newton only has 181 yards passing? It seems like we’ve given up twice that many passing yards.

Tristan Davis looked for a second there like he was going to break one. Now we’ve got to take control of this game. If we can go on a long time-consuming touchdown drive, we can pretty much close out this game. If not . . . well, I worry.

Three and out against a tired defense? Uh oh . . .

Wow, a 69-yard punt — touchback for a net of 49 yards. What a weapon Bliss is.

We’re under four minutes to play now, and except for a play here and a play there, we cannot seem to stop SC. Is this an overtime game developing?

OHHHHH! Aaron Savage, you’ve got to hold on to that football! An interception really would have saved our cookies right there.

Fourth and ten. They complete a ten-yard pass. If ESPN’s yellow line is right, that’s a first down.

WOW! A SACK! What a great time for it! Under a minute to play now . . .



This game never should have been this close. You’ve got to hand it to Syvelle Newton for SC. That young man is one heck of a great QB, and he’s going to be trouble for SC opponents in the future. I’m glad SC rotates off our schedule next year.

Now it’s time to pack so I can check out in the morning.


Update: According to this article, Syvelle Newton is a senior. Good thing for USC opponents that Spurrier didn’t move him to quarterback sooner.

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