October 18th, 2006

Leigh Ann called me up yesterday and said “We’re going bowling tomorrow after work; you want to go with us?” I used to bowl all the time in high school, but I hadn’t bowled in twenty years. I took her up on it anyway. I couldn’t remember which foot to step off with, or how many steps to take before throwing the ball. I eventually settled on a small step with my right foot, then three full strides. My first game, I bowled a 92. Not awful for my first game in a couple of decades. My second game, I started to get my act together and bowled a 141 with five spares and a strike. My third game I started to overthrow everything and rolled a 96. Still, I had fun.

2 Responses to “Bowling”

  1. Claus Says:

    You know, Jim…my daughter is constantly asking me to take her bowling at the local lanes.

    I used to go with a group of co-workers during lunch (in another life) sometimes. We would just eat nachos or hot-dogs, and get a quick frame in. Blow off some stress. I’m horrible, but it was fun.

    The new electronic score-keeping machines always are kind-of intimidating to me. I’ve always gone with folks who know how to operate the things so I was just along for the ride….funny for a tech-guy to see the bowling scoring machine technology as intimidating. I think that’s why I haven’t bitten at my daughter’s requests. Dad’s are (generally) supposed to act like they know everything. Got to keep the illusion up, even though she I and both know it’s not really like that!

    I need to find some how-to guides for the setting up the scoring panel on the web…or go during a play-day when the joint is empty and ask a bored attendant to give me a few walk-throughs.

    I agree. It is kinda fun.

    Everytime I watch “The Big Lebowski” or “Pleasantville” I get warm fuzzys during the bowling scenes.

  2. Jim Says:

    You know, Claus, I probably need to teach my girls how to bowl. It was a critical skill when I was a teenager, because it was one of the few safe, legal things to do in my hometown. There’s more stuff for kids to do these days, but knowing how to bowl is still an essential skill.

    If it’s any consolation, I was baffled by those scoring panels too. I’d never seen one before; the last time I was in an alley, it was still paper scoring and projectors. Getting to fill in the square or triangle was one of the best parts of scoring a strike or spare, and I believe the electronic scoring has taken some of the fun out of bowling.