Phone service restored

October 22nd, 2006

When I got back from Huntsville this morning, my replacement VOIP “modem” was waiting for me. After fiddling around with the old modem for over a month, I finally called Vonage on Monday, and had them send me a new one. Well, it wasn’t that easy, I had to go through the service guy’s rigamarole even though I knew full well the thing’s ethernet ports were blown out. Vonage was at least good enough to give us a month’s credit for our inconvenience. I’ve hooked up the new modem and it appears to be working just fine. The world can now call us and we can call them.

This makes the third device in my network — after the cable modem and wireless router — that I’ve had to replace since the Mother’s Day lightning strike. Even though it took several months to fail, I’m convinced that the VOIP modem was also damaged by that lightning. Its behavior has been flaky ever since that day; it just took its time to die completely. Our Internet service is still not as dependable as it was before the lightninng. I have had Time-Warner send someone out to look at it, and I need to have them come back out again.

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